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Evergreen Dog Co.

Two-Tone BioThane Multi-Way Leash

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Do you love hitting the trails with your dogs but find yourself always bummed out that your rope or nylon lead or collar is all wet, muddy, smelly or just overall gross after your adventures? Us too - which is why we set out to create waterproof dog gear that is easy to clean, light, and ready for any adventure!

Our waterproof dog collars are made from genuine BioThane® for maximum durability and a look that is as close to traditional leather as you can get, all while being, odor-proof, stain-resistant, and toxic-free. Great for water, land and beer drinking activities. Get the look and feel of leather with our unique waterproof dog collar, while not having to deal with the disadvantages!

Our multi-way dog leash is the perfect leash all of your adventures! It is waterproof, adjustable, and can be used hands-free and is great for walking, hiking, training, beer drinking, hunting or any indoor or outdoor use. It is stink-proof and easy to clean! It can be used as a standard leash, across the body or around the waist - it is extremely adjustable and can be used in many ways!

The two-tone multi-way leash comes with one primary color (the full length of the leash) and one accent color that is showcased in approx. 3" accents on either side of the leash.

See below for the most common ways to use this multi way leash:

1. Long line: You can pull the 2 o-rings approximately 12" from one of the side clips and then clip to the bottom o-ring to prevent slipping. This will give you a leash that is 1' less than your purchase length (for example, if you purchased an 8' leash this use would give you a 7' leash with a loop

2. Classic: If you want to achieve a classic 6' lead, slide the double o-rings down to the appropriate spot on the leash (if you purchased an 8' lead, this would be approximately 2 feet down) and clip to the bottom o-ring of the set to prevent slipping

3. Short leash / Heel leash: You can use both clips on your dogs harness or collar to trim this leash down to half the size of your purchase length (if you purchased an 8', this would make it a 4' leash for navigating busy cities or packed parks/breweries)

4. Training leash / dual control: If you are training your dog in a classic training / no-pull harness (typically there is a ring in front and rings on the back) you can clip one of the clips to the back of the harness and one on the front to concentrate on training them not to pull or jump. Having control of both sides of your dog is perfect for full control.

5. Hands free/brewery ready: One of the reasons that we made this leash with the dual o-ring instead of in one spot is to promote full inclusiveness for around the waist or around the shoulder wear. All you have to do is slip the rings to the appropriate loop size and clip to the bottom loop to prevent slipping! (see image for additional details on how to use this)

6. Two dogs / Double trouble: Use either side of the clip on either dog to be able to walk both of your dogs at once

7. Dual clip: Two clips are better than one! Because our leash has clips on either side, you can use it to clip to your car/truck when staging, clip to a backpack or belt loop during hiking, or you can clip to a long line/high tie while campaign or at the beach! Use this dual clip style in any way that makes sense for your adventures! 


This leash is available in 6', 7', 8' and 10' sizes. 


You can chose between Gold (Brass) hardware, Silver or Matte Black. Please note that the Matte Black is more likely to chip and will wear faster but can easily be touched up with an acrylic pen or Sharpie. Our gold hardware is made of plated brass and the black hardware is powder coated.

We use Trigger Swivel Snap hooks for extra durability. These hooks swivel all the way around and are brass plated or black powder coated. 


We offer both attached (built into the leash) and detachable (can come on and off with an o-ring as pictured in the primary image) traffic handles on our leashes. Traffic handles are built into the side of the leash that is closest to the dog to be used as an easy way to walk them closely to you when passing others on a busy trail or walking through a brewery/the city.

The 9" handle is the perfect small loop to grab your dog and walk with them closely and is just big enough to slip a hand through if your dog's back is a similar distance to your fingers when your arms are relaxing down. If you have a smaller dog or are a taller person, the 12" handle should be the perfect fit. If you want a custom size, please leave that information in our notes section and we'd be happy to accommodate at no cost to you!


Hand-wash with mild soap and water. Dry with a soft cloth to maintain the longevity of your new collar. Regular polishing of hardware will minimize tarnishing (patina).
While BioThane is incredibly versatile and repels MOST of the dirt and grime it comes across, please note that it is not completely stain-proof in all circumstances.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that these products are made by hand so there can be slight differences in the small details of the collars, like the hole placement or size, etc. If you have any issues at all with your products, please reach out to us directly and we will make it right!


All of our products are proudly handmade in the USA from authentic BioThane! BioThane is cruelty-free, eco-friendly and is commonly used as a vegan alternative to leather.

The hardware that we use on our gear is best in class and truly built for the toughest of adventures. We use Trigger/Lobster snaps for our leashes (the safest on the market) and Chicago Screws instead of Rivets for maximum durability.

Shipping & Returns

Our products are made by hand and fully custom and are shipped out in the timeframe noted in our header (typically between 5-10 business days but is subject to change).

All of our products offer a lifetime guarantee and if something on your product breaks, please let us know and we are more than happy to send you a replacement for the lifetime of your gear!

Collar Sizing

All of our collars are hand crafted, so we highly recommend providing your dog's current collar size (measured from the buckle to the end) in the comment box for maximum style and fit!

• Fits necks 8" - 13"
• 3/4" wide
(Most typical for Yorkies, Doxens, Chihuahuas, Silkens, Frenchies, etc.)

• Fits necks 14" - 18"
• 1" wide
(Most Labs, Beagles, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, etc.)

• Fits necks 17" - 22"
• 1" Wide
(Large Labs, Retrievers, German Shepherds, Bully breeds, Doodles, etc.)

• Fits necks 21" - 26"
• 1" wide (Bernese Mountain Dogs, Malamutes, Great Pyreneese, etc.)

(Additional sizes available upon request, please leave a note in the comment box and we would be happy to accommodate - inclusivity is our specialty!)

Care Instructions

Our products are extremely easy to clean, which is why pup parents love them! Use soap and water with a paper towel or small towel and wipe clean.

Our products are crafted with Chicago Screws which are the strongest the market offers but do need to be checked on occasion after tough adventures. These screws are LOCTITE'd in (superglued) but can potentially untwist over time. If you notice that a screw is coming loose, just tighten it up and you're ready for your next journey!