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Evergreen Dog Co.

Waterproof Two Dog Leash | Two Dog Leash Splitter

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Double the fun! Our two-dog leash is perfect for those who have... shall we say braved the chaos? Just kidding, our two dog leash is the perfect split for those who have double the fun!

5', 7' or 8' long with an o-ring in the middle, this leash will keep both pups under equal control and will not adjust depending on who is pulling harder. The 5' length is perfect for close control, 7' for a little looser and 8' to give them room to explore!

Our two-dog leash comes with the splitter piece only but can come with a detachable traffic handle when purchasing. This product can be used as a splitter with any leash that you desire! Many of of our customers purchase this leash and a multi-way leash or training long line so they can go hands free with two dogs or have additional length (sniffari time!) as well. 

Interested in matching BioThane collars for your two lucky pups? Shop our matching collars here!


Handmade in the USA from authentic BioThane! BioThane is cruelty-free, eco-friendly and is commonly used as a vegan alternative to leather.

Shipping & Returns

Our products are made by hand and shipped out in less than 3-5 business days. Our products offer a lifetime guarantee and if something on your product breaks, please let us know and we are more than happy to send you a replacement!

Collar Sizing


• Fits necks 8" - 13"
• 3/4" wide
• Weighs 1.5 oz


• Fits necks 14" - 18"
• 3/4" wide
• Weighs 1.5 oz


• Fits necks 17" - 22"
• 1" Wide
• Weighs 2.4 oz


• Fits necks 21" - 26"
• 1" wide
• Weighs 2.4 oz

Care Instructions

Our products are extremely easy to clean, which is why pup parents love them! Use soap and water with a paper towel or small towel and wipe clean.

Our products are crafted with Chicago Screws which are the strongest the market offers but do need to be checked on occasion after tough adventures. These screws are LOCTITE'd in (superglued) but can potentially untwist over time. If you notice that a screw is coming loose, just tighten it up and you're ready for your next journey!